Step into the compelling tale of Caparal Appliances & Furniture—a vibrant vision sparked by the unwavering dedication of a couple's dream in 1993. What began as a modest endeavor, offering small merchandise on installments to neighbors and friends, flourished into an enterprise driven by sheer determination. Let's explore the story of CAPARAL, our humble beginnings and events which shaped who we are today throughout the decades.

From humble origins to a home grown name – a brief history of CAPARAL

CAPARAL reaches thousands of hearts and homes all over the Philippines. And it all began in the small town of Silang in the 1990s, with anenterprising couple who hoped to improve the lives of people everywhere.

Our roots

Jocelyn Caparal and Apolinar Caparal founded CAPARAL in 1993 as a newly wedded couple, selling small appliance goods like rice cookers and blenders to neighbors and friends through an installment basis.

The Dynamic duo was born

Imagine Apolinar Caparal, steering the wheel by day and Jocelyn Caparal, the energetic sales force, tirelessly nurturing their budding dream during every available moment. As sales surged, their belief in the untapped potential soared. This realization led to a pivotal decision—a leap of faith as they bid farewell to their jobs to wholeheartedly nurture this seed of an idea.

Courage bore Fruit

Their courage bore fruit. With unwavering dedication, they cultivated a team, welcomed new talented people, and fostered a culture steeped in trust and loyalty. This transformed "Caparal Appliances & Furniture" from a mere dream into a palpable reality. The company's official registration in March 1995 stood as a testament to their commitment to earning the trust of their Filipino people.

The first store was born

From its humble origins in Silang, Cavite, emerged the first branch, sprouting subsequent branches across Cavite, each fostering growth with new team members. Empowered by their collective efforts, the company flourished, evolving into a private family corporation and being one of the household names of Cavite as a provider of appliances and furniture.

Today, journeying strong

As we stand strong today, we stand as a testament to the unwavering support of the people, employees and companies that made our years in the industry possible. At CAPARAL, our journey resonates with resilience, passion, and an unswerving commitment to quality and community. We invite you to celebrate this legacy of growth, dedication, and the vibrant spirit of Filipino entrepreneurship alongside us. Together, let's embrace the evolution and heritage that define us—an ode to our values, our people, and our unwavering quest for excellence.

The CAPARAL vision and values

Inspired by our vision and driven by our values, we’re passionate about life at home.

Our vision Enriching every Filipino household, crafting spaces that embody comfort, functionality, and warmth, to evoke a true sense of 'home.

Our Mission At Caparal Appliances & Furniture, we're dedicated to enriching lives with exceptional, affordable home furnishings and appliances. Our commitment to quality and social responsibility drives continual improvement. We exceed goals by nurturing passionate individuals, fostering innovation, and creating purposeful living for our customers and society.

Our Core values

Our values reflect what we consider to be important. They guide us in our everyday lives at work in everything from how we treat people and the planet to how we make decisions – large or small. These are the core values that embody each member of the company.


We do business the right way, even when no one is looking We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees, clients, consumers, vendors and the public. We will always do what is right for the customer, the employee, or the circumstance.

Value People

We are strong when we have each other, we value our people. We believe in treating people well and with respect, although their opinions may be different than ours. We celebrate the differences of people and look to learn from others. We understand that respect is earned and not granted or a guarantee. Treating people fair is different than treating all people the same. Individually, we aim to increase our credibility and trust in the organization, with our clients, and with our community.


We aim to provide products and services with unsurpassed value to our clients. We are constantly looking for new and better ways forward. Whatever we are doing today, we can do better tomorrow. Finding solutions to almost impossible challenges is part of our success and a source of inspiration to move on to the next challenge in order for us to only provide the best quality at the best price.


We are committed in heart and mind to do work that goes beyond ourselves. We will strive for continuous improvement. We will produce the best products and deliver the best services as we are capable of providing. We will challenge the process, the product, and our opinions. We will foster a team spirit, never challenging the person, but challenging the problem or opportunity. We will look for new opportunities to learn and grow. We will speak up when we do not understand or do not agree with others. We strive to be known as thought leaders and innovators in this industry.